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Tiffany Ha

Updated: Feb 23

Before coming to UT, I had a vision of how I predicted my college journey to be, and joining a sorority was not a part of that plan. But somewhere along the way, I took a detour towards Sigmas which has taken me down a path full of laughter, new experiences, and lifelong friendships.⠀

When accepting my bid, I didn’t expect these girls to become such an integral part of my life. When I first met my class, I thought we were all so different and didn’t know how we would click. Well, somehow we pieced ourselves together into a class that has taught me so much about myself and new perspectives. I finally began to understand what it meant to have unconditional support. In the crazy overwhelming journey that is college, I found my solace within you guys. Thank you for making this small fish feel a little more at home in this big pond.

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