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Hana Kim

Updated: Feb 23

During my first two years at UT, I was able to join some orgs where I made friends, but I always felt like an outsider even when I was a member for over a year. I was happy with the friendships I’ve been able to make, but feeling a sense of belonging was something I lacked and I started to let myself accept it as an unchangeable fact. ⠀

I ended up getting tabled by Sigmas during the fall semester of my junior year, and I tried brushing them off under the assumption they only took in underclassmen. But I was surprised to hear that I could still join and decided to attend a rush event on a whim. Joining Sigmas gave me a sense of belonging and completed what I was looking for at UT. I don’t regret joining earlier, because I wouldn’t have had the same mom, class, or bigs. I’m so blessed to have finally found my home and thankful that Sigmas welcomed me with such open arms.

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