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Bernadine Decapia

Updated: Feb 23

Once upon a time, I was a naive, little freshman that had no idea what a community was. Was it the people in my biology class? My dorm hallmates? The person that farted in the stall next to me? Me don’t know! When I stepped foot onto UT Austin, I felt comfortable and free, but I was still missing that cherry on top; that one thing that would finally make Austin feel like home. That was Sigmas for me.

Imagine: you’re a lost dog on Speedway trying to get to your chemistry class, and these girls table you so hard that you end up rushing them and becoming a Sigma. I don’t have to imagine because that’s exactly what happened to me! Crazy! Without Sigmas, I wouldn’t have been able to meet these amazing people that made me into the cheeseball that I am today. My very loving (maybe too loving) class, my sexy mom, and my beautiful bigs have spoiled me with more love and attention (and squishmallows) that I could ever imagine. Rush Sigmas and you’ll find exactly what I’m talking about!!!

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