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Ellen Li

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We're not a perfect sorority, as there is no such thing, but the bond that holds us together is truly like no other. The girls to my left and right are people that I wouldn't imagine talking to when I first entered college as a freshman and thankfully, they are now the people that I get to call my sisters. Although there are always different obstacles that arise in college, I know that there will always be people by my side. These people are part of the reason that I can call this university my home. Sigmas isn't just some org where we call each other sisters-- these girls have heard about my struggles, and have also opened up about their own. I've also been able to experience some of the funniest unique memories with them. In this group, I've learned from some of the strongest, kindest, and most caring girls. I hope that I continue to learn and grow from them as well as share the love that they've given me.

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