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Cassie Tran

Deciding to embark on a journey that entails a group of young, enthusiastic and diverse set of girls could go one of two ways: It could turn into a crazy show of a travesty or it could lead to a pretty awesome bond with some of the coolest, most unique set of girls you could ever meet in your time as an undergrad. Joining a sisterhood like Sigmas has given me line sisters who have shown me the power of loyalty and friendship. I’ll be honest and say that I never would've thought I’d be friends with any of them had we not all found a home in Sigmas and yet now, I recall some of my most memorable times incomplete without them. I’ve learn the value in effort and putting myself out there amidst my struggles as an introvert and was presented with kindness and acceptance. To me, joining Sigmas was a risk and it was a risk that gave me sisters by my side and a bond that goes beyond words.

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