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Christina Santosa

Growing up, I participated in Taekwondo for ten years and that’s a sport that is primarily dominated by guys. Some girls came into the studio and became quick friends but also left when they grew bored of the sport. I tended to get close with guys easily and became a tomboy in my childhood through high school years, not really feeling quite “girly.” Personally, I’ve always felt empowered in who I was as an individual because Taekwondo cultivated a sense of self-confidence and independence in myself, but never did I really feel like I was a girl. Being in Sigmas not only taught me to be fearless about who I am as a person, but also taught me to be adventurous enough to try things I would have never imagined doing before; things as simple as putting makeup on or posting a picture on Instagram LOL. Only with Sigmas can I be wearing a dress to an Info Session, then wearing my volleyball kneepads getting ready to play a game with them an hour later. It was through Sigmas that I found a group of girls who supported me in everything I did, whether it be yelling obnoxious cheers at my dancing or singing showcases or always at the ready to take me back with open arms despite whatever screw-ups I may have, and even teasing me about singing or jamming out to country music in the car with @sa.brie.naa Sigmas to me is a group of girls who taught me to be unapologetic about who I am and who are always there to laugh with you, at you and for you.

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